Best Multimeter Reviews of 2019

For every person that is using a professional product, it seems to be a little sense of pride. And that is ok, because, when you use a good device, that makes it works with no worries, it makes you fell like you’re advancing your skills, which is always satisfying. For everyone that work with, play with, builds or repairs electrical and electronic devices,  is very important to have the right tools to do its job, and a multimeter is a tool that  can help a lot, measuring all you need when you’re dealing with electronics. What we suggest? No more bad designed, useless features, unreliable readings for your multimeter. No more disappointments. After working and using several types and brands of digital multimeter, it’s time for you to experience quality and say:” Yes, this one is a keeper!”. Even if you’re not an electrician, but you handy around home wiring and electronics, a good multimeter will help you to have a easier work, with the best results. But, if you work as an electrician, you may look for one that has the most numerous functions, best accuracy and most interesting features, so you could work like a pro. If you want to do more than a simple test, you’re going to need a more sophisticated multimeter. The good news for you are that now you have where to choose from: a large category, for every budget.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details

Fluke FLUKE-116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit4.7 / 5$$$Click Here

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter4.8 / 5$$$Click Here

INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter 4.6 / 5$$Click Here

Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician's Multimeter4.6 / 5$$Click Here

Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detection4.4 / 5$Click Here

After years and years in the field, or even after usage at home, we want you to be happy about your multimeter, one that can’t go wrong. If you need it to measure current, resistance, capacitance, continuity, frequency and others, or just need it for your car, it’s going to be suitable for your work! Choose to invest in something that will help you to work with professionalism and pleasure!


1. Fluke FLUKE – 116\ 232 KIT HVAC Multimeter

Fluke FLUKE-116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Product Description:

Fluke gives a new idea about what a digital meter should do, as is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic tools. Having all the right tools when you need them is essential. Fluke’s digital multimeters, also known as volt\ohm meter, combine several electronic measurements in one unit. It measures resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance and provides Min\ Max\ Average readings.  It’s a great meter since it does micro amps to test the flame sensors, as many other meters do not. It has an ergonomic design for one-handed operation, so is easy to use to troubleshoot problems. The device has a 600 V AC and DC voltage measurement. Has an auto feature as well that will distinct between AC and DC voltage, very useful when you’re troubleshooting a circuit board that has both types of signal.


Of great usefulness is the min\ max function which is perfect for recording anomalies like power surges which you would otherwise miss. Ease of use and accessories make this a must have for a ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to HVAC. The Fluke 116 also has a large white LED backlight for work in poorly lit areas. The compact carry case includes: Fluke 166 HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and Micro amps and Fluke 232 Clamp Meter. The Fluke brand has a reputation for portability, safety, ease of use and rigid standards of quality.


2.  Fluke 115 Compact True- RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

Product Description:

Fluke comes in your attention with another device that checks continuity, frequency, capacitance, diode test and provides Min\ Max\ Average readings to record signal fluctuations. Fluke is lightweight, easy to handle and is suitable for measuring components, voltages and circuits. Is very accurate, simple and does everything, including measuring capacitance. The meter is well protected against overloads. In case you forget to turn the dial to ‘A’, and then feed current into the meter, or you do switch the dial to ‘A’, but you forget to switch the lead to amps, the meter tells you. The window not only shows a number, but a scaling line which make comparing voltages quicker. Includes holster, 9- volt battery, and  4mm silicone test lead set.


It has a very bright backlight, which comes handy anytime you work in an elevator, car or other poorly lit area. The device fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and now you can rotate between the settings with your thumb instead of dropping everything you’re holding just to switch it over. It has been tasted for safety rate in CAT III 600-volt, offers auto ranging and it guards against common errors that could lead to inaccurate readings. Furthermore, Fluke offers you a 3- year warranty, so you can be the best at your job without any risk. A Fluke meter means money well spent and the choice of professionals.


3. INNOVA 334O Automotive Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

Product description:

INNOVA presents a new product, in an elegant carrying case: a Professional Automotive Multimeter, which tests breaker points, wiring, switches, alternator diodes and more. The INNOVA 3340 looks and feels like a quality instrument, with its auto- ranging, auto shut-off, over load protection, automatic zero adjustment, reverse polarity protection and temperature probe to measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It has a multitude of functions and has a super high accuracy, a super price and a super functionality. The large LCD display is easy to read, the unit is tough and durable and the leads that come with the unit are sturdy.


The probe connector has two pieces: the actual probe that looks like it has sort of spade style ends on it, and then the adapter to connect to the multimeter. The device has rubber side protection and rubber lead holders that won’t break like plastic. The digital multimeter comes with instructions, a nylon storage pouch, test leads and a clamp style lead for ignition wires. When testing DC\ AC volts, is normal for numbers to keep changing before you put the probes on the battery or in the outlet. In order to get a zero ohms reading your contact must be firm and perfect therefore is frequently difficult to get a stable, zero reading. . It’s seems to be a complicate product, with many features indeed, but it won’t take a long time to learn how to use it correctly.


4. Klein Tools MM1000 Electricians Multimeter

Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician's Multimeter

Product description:

Klein Tool gives offers you model MM1000, made in Korea, a device fairly solid in the hand, with a rubber sleeve fitting and being protective. It’s powered by 2- AAA batteries, which are included and pre-installed. Fusses are also located in the battery compartment so you don’t need to take the entire back of the multimeter apart to access the fuses like you do on many multimeters. The display is nice with large very legible digits, the viewing angle is very good and you can see the digits clearly even when you look at the display from a sharp angle. The device has a Min\ Max button, a Hold one, a Relative Reading Mode button and a Select button which allows you switch between AC or DC, Ohms Diode and Continuity, Hz, Fahrenheit and Centigrade.


This multimeter measures AC\ DC voltage, AC\ DC current, resistance, temperature, frequency, capacitance and duty cycle. It has a CAT III\ IV range, which means is made to certain safety standards for working with high energy circuits. It has plastic barriers between the internal circuits to prevent arcing and it has High Rupture ceramic fuses. Also, it features include: auto shut-off after 30 minutes of inactivity, Auto\ Manual range, backlight, alligator clips are included and attached to the led test. The product has two year warranty from the date of purchase.


5. Amprobe AM-510 Commercial\ Residential Non- Contact VoltageDetection

Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detection

Product Description:

The Amprobe AM-510 Commercial\ Residential is perfect for electricians and home users, measuring resistance, current, frequency, voltage, capacitance, micro amps and duty-cycle. The circuit broad design is very nicely laid out with decent components, having a tight design. It has a flash function and a backlight. The bail is fine as you can use all of the buttons without difficulty and the screen is big and easy to read. The meter enclosure is very solid with no gaps in any front, side or back seams. The selector switch has well defined detents and the case does not spin if you use it on a flat surface. It has all the features that you will ever need for a general electrical\ electronic work.


With this device you can check the battery voltage and alternator output, or verify electrical continuity, as many others. The AM- 510 is very accurate, making your job much easier. It shows the true RMS and has a rate of CAT III 600 V. There are two type- k temperature probes that can be attached for simultaneous readings. There is also a non-contact voltage sensor function with an audible alarm. Its durable, rubber, enclosure make it suitable for any work, outside or in.  The case is held together with three self-tapping screws and it has a blast protection, for a safety usage.



You should look for multimeters that are designed to help you to do your job faster, more efficiently, with greater accuracy and which have a model for every budget and application. Voltage and current are two of the most common electrical measurements taking at panels and the surrounding wiring. To isolate specific problems, a technician may also want to measure peak current, peak voltage, temperature, power factor test for continuity. That’s why it’s very important foe an electrician to have a multimeter which would offer him all he needs and, more important, exactly when he needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional one or just the man in the house, it always will be a situation in which you would want to have a multimeter to resolve and measure for you. So don’t hesitate to invest in a good tool, with plenty features and the best accuracy.
A good multimeter could be digital or analog. The digital one has a LCD screen, while the analog one moves a bar through a scale of numbers and the user has to read the numbers. When buying a multimeter you ought to be careful in order to get the right one as they are usually specified, depending on their sensitivity range. For the ones that use it rarely, for example: to check their cars, you will use it on batteries and motors to detect malfunctions and resolve the problem, if there is any. To get the proper multimeter, you should first obtain informations about the product, so we offer you models and details so you can do the best choice for yourself. Being the best at your job involves having knowledge about what you have to do, having enough resources and time to resolve the problems, and, of course, having a good tool to help you exactly the way it should do it. Quit being disappointed about multimeters by getting one that worth all money and time invested in purchasing it. You should make the right choice for a right work.