Best Radar Detector Under $100

Every time you see that well- known red and blue light in your reviewer mirror, the very first step is to check your speed, because speeding is the most common reason for traffic stops, and it becomes more and more a problem with the new car technology that allows to press the accelerator quite harder. A radar detector won’t give you the chance to speed under a radar. Speeding is the principal cause for a lot of fatalities, because the faster you go, the less control you have on your car. Driving a little bit faster than usually won’t be a problem as long as the control of the car is yours and the environment allows you.
Radar detectors can be moved easily from a vehicle to another due to theirs suction cup or Velcro that can be installed on your dashboard or windshield. Ever since radar detectors were on market, in 1970, they become a must- have accessory for the ones that like to consider speeding like a normal part of the daily life. And for people like this, it’s very important to drive with confidence and peace of mind that they won’t be pulled over at every corner. Also, radar detectors can offer you protection for driving hazards, accidents and severe weather as well, not only for speeding tickets. The purpose of an radar detector is to give you the chance of considerably reducing the speed before even see the police .To choose the best radar for your car, you should consider investing in some features that will make your driving more relaxing in time: a detection performance that can indentify only the police radars, no false alarms, a GPS built- in or Bluetooth capabilities, that will help you with a map, City mode and Highway mode, a laser detection, different tones, a digital voice alert, but the mute button too. To decide for the one that fits with your car and wish, we present you some radar detectors under $100.

PreviewNameRating PriceMore Details

Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector 3.9 / 5$$Click Here

Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector3.7 / 5$$Click Here

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection3.9 / 5$$Click Here

Whistler XTR-438 Laser Radar Detector High Performance 360 Degree Alerts No Dead Zones4.3 / 5$$Click Here

Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection3.7 / 5$Click Here



1. Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert 14 Brand Radar\ Laser Detector

Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Product Description:

Cobra XRS9470 is a radar detector that offers the driver a better alert earlier from any direction, and it’s loaded with features that can be tailored made to any kind of area or terrain. It is sensitive, has 7 radar signals, 6 laser signals with 360 degree detection and a safety signal, and also a price that won’t broke your pocket. The detector is undetectable by police detectors, and announces you if a device like that it’s next to your car. You can set this detector to sound alerts with a voice or a tone. Auto- Mute will automatically reduce the audio volume of all alerts after four seconds as long as the signal is detected. Intelli-Mute it’s a special feature that allows you to avoid alerts you don’t need to hear when you’re stopped or you move slow. It uses a 5- level digital system strength meter and has also a great display with simple icons.

Product Application:

The unit comes with a power cord for your car that plugs into the lighter. Works well downtown and tells you if there’s a police unit and you’ll not be surprised by them not even once with this detector. It has both audible and visual detection options on it, with other settings, and you can set it to Auto Mute if you like. It has a smart volume feature that automatically reduces volume and it detects police officers running radar with plenty of time of warning time. The highway and city modes are simply to use and overall the instructions for this detector are very easy and suitable for any type of car and travel plan. Being a 360 degree radar, it has multi directional detection capacities.


2. Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector

Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector

Product Description:

This device detects all radar and laser guns that are currently in use and it can be connected with your iPhone or Android smartphone, displaying a visual alert on it. You can plug it in the cigarette lighter or hardwire it. It gives audible reports, chirps\ voice, you can choose to which to listen from the phone and the app runs in the back app of the phone. You still have phone control, music\ audio playback through the vehicle’s speaking. You have a series of features to choose from, such as Car Finder, Live Traffic, Speed Warnings and Map. The app accuracy and visually will warn you of all upcoming photo radar zones about 3- 4 blocks early, and the apps let you verify the information before sending it forward. The box contains the detector, the windshield, suction cup mounting bracket and the power cord.

Product Applications:

The phone does not have to be on while the radar is working, it will alarm at the detector to warn you due to the Bluetooth connection. The connection with phone gives the user access in iRadar Community. This way, all users can warn others about a police unit, about caution areas or others. Your phone has to be live on its network. It still can work without being connected to your phone network, but you lose GPS and info send\ receive capability. The cord is straight, without the spiral coils, so it hangs straight down and stays where you put it. The detector beeps when it picks up the radar, faster as you get closer.  It so much easier to select your settings on the phone than trying to use button combination, the unit does it itself.


3. Cobra XRS9370 High- Performance Radar\ Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

Product Description:

This detector has a super fast sweep circuitry that provides extra detection range and advanced warning, being the best in detecting even the fastest radar, detecting all 14 radar\ laser bands at greater range than its predecessor. This Cobra detector is not only more sensitive and brings the driver a better alert earlier, from any direction, but it is also loaded with features than can be tailored made to any kind of area. It has a 360 degrees area, being able to detect a radar even over hills. Usually, the best place to mount it is on the windshield, right under the mirror. It comes with a power cord that has to be plugged in the cigarette lighter. It comes with everything you need to start using the product right after shipping\ buying it: the detector itself, mounting bracket, suction cup, electrical cable and instructions.

Product Applications:

It does a very good job with distance when you’re travelling on highways, it will alert you much before you’ll be able to see the police, giving you ample time to slow down. This radar detector is very sensitive and you have to disable some bands to avoid false alarm, especially if you have to use it in a crowded city.  It as a smart volume feature that automatically reduces the volume when is needed, detecting the police radar with plenty of warning time. It is recommended to switch to city mode when there is traffic or when you’re inside a parking garage, downtown or in city center. This is an anti detector- detector, which means the police won’t know you have one. It has a reasonable price for those that would want to try their very first one or for those that are on a budget.


4. Whistler XTR- 438 Laser Radar Detector High Performance 360Degree Alerts No Dead Zones

Whistler XTR-438 Laser Radar Detector High Performance 360 Degree Alerts No Dead Zones

Product Description:

Whistler XTR- 438 is a both radar and laser detector that a 360 degree cover area so there won’t be no dead zone to worry about on your way. It has tone sounds and you can change them, it also does flash when going off, but has a mute button that you can hit, so when it goes off again, it will only alarm once and flash once. The device doesn’t need for all the additional bells and whistles. It is programmable, so you can change the settings in a way that fits the area you are in, whether you live in city or suburbs. This radar detector does a great job and gives you plenty of time to react before meeting the police radar. The detector comes with instructions, a cord for plugging it and bracket and suction cups that sticks to your windshield.

Product Applications:

You can change the program every time you want, depending where you are, and it has a good display that is easy to see due to its great readout. The Whistler has selectable tone alerts, red alert periscopes, three separate city modes, a highway mode for keeping away false alerts, a traffic flow signal rejection, and a total brand protection, so you can drive safe no matter what comes in your way. There may be a lot of settings to choose from for you, so it takes some time. When it is set the way you want it, it has a battery saver feature if you forget and leave it on when you leave the car. It lets you know in advance when it’s a highway patrol ahead and you need to be cautious. This radar detector will save you from speed tickets and it’s inexpensive, so you could afford it with no so much effort.


5. Cobra ESD7570 9- Band Performance Radar\ Laser Detector with 360Degree Detection

Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection

Product Description:

This radar detector from Cobra offers 360 degrees cover area for you to drive with no worry of being pulled over or getting a speed ticket. It has a City mode and a Highway mode that will help you to select an operating mode to reduce the frequency of false alarms. The device has an ultra compact design with an improved range and it features a digital strength to give a better response to any radar detector on the way. It has VG- 2 undetectable\ alert and a safety alert that warns the driver from emergency vehicles for systems equipped with safety alert transmitters. It comes with a power cord to plug it in the cigarette lighter, a suction mount for window and a Velcro for dash. The radar detector picks up all the frequencies used by police and the speed traps to tell you how fast you’re going.

Product Applications:

There are X, K, Ka, and L bands. For X and K you may press turn off when you’re in a crowded city because they’ll get a lot o false alarms. You should pay attention to Ka and L, Ka is specifically used by highway police patrols and L is normally used for lasers. For the best protection, let the Highway mode which will maximize the range and you’ll get the signal from far away before you’ll see the police patrol. The buttons are responsive and give you tones to let you know that you turned the feature on or off, with an adjustable volume. This radar detector picks up signals from the front as well as behind you, even though the motive you should have it mounted in the center of the windshield is so there’s a clear line of sight from the radar detector. Enjoy this inexpensive but great device!



A radar detector will help you to stay alert to your driving habits, but that is not an excuse to break the law. You’ll stay away from fines and police troubles and you’ll be safe in traffic. Choosing a radar with features that you’ll use is important, because you’ll need an device that you understand and work easily with. An important feature is separating the false alarms from actual one, from police. In a crowded city it may be receiving different signals that won’t help you get the right one, so you have to set it for the area you live in or the one you drive, because it has features for either the city center down town or suburbs. The alert when it’s radar loud, steady and unbroken in most of the cases, so you can know that’s the one you should pay attention to. One that displays visual alerts from a detector on your phone can let you use a community app where you’ll have different information and maps about the police patrol in your driving zone. Most of them can be installed in your windshield, to have a large range of detecting the real radar, and they are powered in the cigarette lighter. The best radars will announce you from the very beginning and with plenty of time to let the accelerator off, and you won’t be surprise by the appearance of police cars not even once. Choose to invest in one that will give you the best results and is inexpensive, so you can afford it with not so big efforts. And remember, driving safe means keeping your life safe.