Best Stethoscope Reviews of 2019

For most of people, a doctor is not a “real” doctor if he or she doesn’t have a stethoscope around the neck. We learned to recognize a doctor from its stethoscope when we were just three or four years, and most of us grow up considering that absolutely every single doctor must have one. In time, some of us understand why a stethoscope is so important for some doctors, and that is an instrument used to hear sounds produced on the body, especially those that are emanated by the heart and lungs. It is mainly used for the detention of heart murmurs, abnormal heat sounds and the sound of the air moving through the lungs. In order to give a good overcome, a doctor has to use a tool that is going to help him hearing very clear every particular sound, every murmur, crisp and clear, to concentrate for something that doctors call “ the body speech”, which means all that a body has to say about something that is not healthy.

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3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes4.7 / 5$$$Click Here

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube4.7 / 5$$Click Here

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube4.5 / 5$$Click Here

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, 28", Pearl Pink Tube, 24564.5 / 5$$Click Here

MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope - Rose Gold Edition - Black 4.4 / 5$$Click Here

That’s why we want to present you the best way to get a perfect outcome, by using a stethoscope that is going to fit your needs perfectly. It’s important to find one that is not so heavy, because, being a doctor or assistant, you have to carry it all day long around your neck or on your shoulder, and that can get uncomfortable sometimes. Another way to ensure the best results in your job is to assure that the tool you’re using is suitable for you, considering both length of the tube and the size of ear pieces, so you can keep it without falling out or being too hard. The best way to choose the perfect one is to consult some reviews that we offer you and to take some time and attention to find the one that is going to be great for you.


1. 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, Black Plated Chest pieceand Ear tubes

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes

Product Description:

Littmann presents an outstanding product that is used by the best doctors in the world to get the best outcomes: a stethoscope that is recommended due to its superb medical quality.  The stethoscope is medium weight and the 27” inches tube is the perfect length to work with. This two, the weight and length, are made to feel secure and comfortable around your back neck and on shoulders throughout your shift. It has two patented, tunable diaphragms on each side of the chest piece, adult and pediatric, for listening both low and high frequency sounds. The gel like soft bud tips gives a complete noise cancelling effect, so you can concentrate on giving a correct outcome. The product is made of solid stainless steel on chest piece and it has adjustable double- leaf binaural spring and soft-sealing ear tips.

Product Applications:

At a light contact, you will have a low frequency, but at a firm pressure, you’ll get a high frequency. The 3M invention: tunable diaphragm technology, permits clinicians to hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure on the chest piece. Once it’s stretched out a bit, the tension is great and applies just enough pressure to stay in your ears and create a good seal without you feel it too rough. This stethoscope is amazing when it comes to acoustics. Everything you want to listen is crisp and clear, even the crisps and murmurs. Another great thing is that you can choose from a large variety of colors, so you can have the one that fits you perfectly. Some of colors are: Ceil Blue, Coral, Chocolate, Hunter Green, Grey, Plum, and you also have a five- year warranty from Littmann.


2. 3M  Littmann Classic II S.E Stethoscope, Black Plated Chest pieceand Ear tubes

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube

Product Description:

This latex-free materials product for allergy sensitive users is one of the stethoscopes recommended by millions of doctors that are dedicated and want to give their patients the correct outcomes, offering great acoustic performance and high quality. The auditory tube is well protected under the rubber sleeve, so, when you’re using the stethoscope, if you bump or scrape the tube, the interference is much less than many others stethoscopes. It came with an additional set of harder earpieces that simply sides on or off.  The tube is smooth, shiny and it’s not sticky, but hard enough to stay around your neck. The 28” long tube was made to protect you from the germy patients when they take deep breaths, so you can do your job with no more risks.

Product Applications:

It’s a stethoscope that you can carry around your neck all day long and not get a tension headache. It’s great that you can turn it on and off, a feature that will surely help you, and you can also use the side of the chest piece: low or high frequency. A light contact will give you a low frequency, while a firm pressure will give you a high frequency.  It will fit in your cardio pocket nicely, or around your back neck and you can be sure that it will always give crisp, clear sound, that will make you feel confident about the tool you’re using and about the job that you have. It comes complete with large soft- sealing ear pits, large firm ear pits, instructions and it has a three-year warranty.

3. Littmann Lightweight II S.E Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch, 2450

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube

Product Description:

This product is the lightest of Littmann stethoscopes, making it more comfortable for those that have to wear it around the neck all day long. It has no loses of sound identification and you can hear clearly lung sounds, heart, murmur, bowel sounds or crisps. For more accuracy and comfort, it has anatomically designed headset that is angled to meet the path of the ear canal, and has resisting tubes that retains their shape and flexibility even after you folded them tightly into a pocket. It has soft, rubbery ear pieces, which seal out outside noise, letting you to hear very well even if the patient is moving, and the oval head also makes easier to find someone’s blood pressure. The tube is flexible and the ear pieces are soft, but hard enough to fit perfectly in your ear without falling out.

Product Applications:

The frequencies you want to hear are dependent on the amount of pressure you use when placing the diaphragm on patient: a light contact will give you a light frequency, while a firm pressure will give you a high frequency. This product is very recommended for its light weight; sure, you won’t get back problems from carrying a heavier stethoscope, but it’s nice not to have too much weight thumping against your chest when you’re moving quickly or going upstairs. Its weight is really a big plus; there’s just one tube running from the ear pieces to the head, and almost none of the bulky moving parts you’ll find on other models. To achieve the best outcome, this is the most suitable stethoscope.


4. 3M Littmann  Lightweight II S.E Stethoscope, 28”, Pearl Pink Tube

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, 28", Pearl Pink Tube, 2456

Product Description:

Littmann presents a product that has applied technology and innovation to improve customer’s life and theirs patients too. This stethoscope with a pink pearl tube is a useful diagnostic tool for doctors, due to its lightweight and the reliable and acoustic response. It has an anatomically designed headset that is angled to meet the path of the ear canal. This product is durable, having tubes that retain their shape and flexibility even after you folded them tightly in a bag or a pocket. Ear tips snap firmly onto the end of the ear tubes and require an effort to remove, so you can be sure that is safety for you to not lose them where ever you may put your stethoscope.

Product Applications:

This product can also be engraved, for more security or to recognize yours from others stethoscopes that may look also like yours. The hard plastic beads that punish your ears drums are gone, being replaced by soft, rubbery pieces, which seal out outside noises. This model retains Littmann’s tunable diaphragm, which lets you toggle easily between low and high frequency sounds, with a light contact or a firm pressure. The weight reminds you that, at the end of a tired working day, you’ll be able to get home with a headache from carrying all day long a stethoscope around your neck. You should turn the head 180 degrees to switch between hearing the different sizes you just turn the head until it clicks slightly.


5. MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope

MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope - Rose Gold Edition - Black

Product Description:

This 100% stainless steel construction stethoscope is surely the tool suitable for your job, due to its acoustic clarity and integrity, delivering accurate auscultation of the lungs and heart. The ear tips feel secure and nicely in ears, and seal out the environmental noise well. Another advantage is that you can wear it around your neck all day long, and the long tube keeps you to be right in a coughing patient’s face, so you don’t have to assume the risk to get a virus. This stethoscope also comes with extra ear tips and a diaphragm membrane, plus it has a part for life program where you can have parts replaced for free and it has a dual leaf- spring construction that offers twice the durability.

Product Application:

It has included three pairs of MDF comfortable ear tips, small, regular and large, so you can choose the one that fits you the best, without the danger of falling off or being too tight and the headset is anatomically angled at 15 degrees for a precise fit. This stethoscope is ideal for daily patients assessments because is lightweight and comfortable, letting you to not worry about a headache from carrying it around your neck for several hours and it has an ergonomic design that ensures the comfort for both doctor and patient. This product proves that a good tool doesn’t have to be very large to give the best result.  It’s easy to clean; all you have to do is to wipe it with sanitary alcohol solution.


Final Word

The best part at a stethoscope is hearing the body sounds crystal clear.Usually, medicine students complain about the stethoscopes that they use to practice the job they’re going to have later in life. Most of the stethoscopes that are in classrooms on even in the back of the ambulance are uncomfortable and bulky, making learning and consulting more hard than they should be. When learning how to measure things like vital signs and accuracy is crucial in mastering the skills you need to pass your skill assessments. In medicine, thinking that you can save a little more and achieving a cheaper product, isn’t a good idea because many of them are not made to indicate the precise outcome, so the results may vary and your patient’s healthy or even life can be in danger.  The first thing you learn with may be a “beginner kit”, which, in many cases is not so accurate in showing exactly the best result, but you can change that by achieving a quality product. Using a stethoscope may not be a rocket science, but, as a student or a doctor, you want to have as many tools for success as possible and starting out with the cheapest equipment isn’t the best choice.
If you’re thinking updating from the throwaway stethoscopes that use to make you tired of using them, you won’t be disappointed. Even if it’s a quite bit more expensive than what you were used to, it’s a worthy investment for your career.