Best Travel Vest Reviews of 2019

If you are an enthusiastic traveller and you’ve never heard of travel vests, it is time to learn a few new things that will prove to be extremely useful in your trips. Travel vests are clothing pieces that are meant to protect you from various weather conditions and from identity thieves. Also, they are designed in such a way that they allow you to carry a lot of objects with you, including photo cameras, chargers, documents, souvenirs, a water bottle and many others.

The best thing about travel vests is that they are lightweight and durable. Most of them have a classic design and fit every outfit, so you don’t have to worry about your looks. But more importantly, the travel vests that you can find on the market are meant to keep you safe and comfortable during your travels.

Are you planning to travel a lot this year or you simply want to stay safe during a city break? Then you should consider getting yourself one of the best travel vests on the market.

If you are looking to buy such a vest in the near future, you should know that there are some aspects that you should take into consideration. A good travel vest has to be lightweight, made of a durable fabric that is breathable, waterproof and that dries quickly. Also, it should be comfortable and should have a lot of pockets.

Some of the best travel vests out there include protection against identity theft, which means that they are padded with materials that block devices that work at certain frequencies. More than that, they allow you to wear wired devices while keeping all the wires hidden.

In order to help you find the best travel vest for your needs, we have reviewed the 5 best- selling products on the market. Analyse their pros and cons and decide which one is suitable for your trips.

PreviewNamePrice More Details
SCOTTeVEST Men’s RFID Travel Vest$$Click Here
SCOTTeVEST Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. Vest - 42 Pockets $$Click Here
Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Vest$Click Here
Weekender Men's Traveler Air Travel Vest$Click Here
H2H Mens Casual Waterproof Multi-Pocket $Click Here


1. SCOTTeVEST Men’s RFID Travel Vest


SCOTTeVEST Men’s RFID Travel VestA travel vest with a weight management system is exactly what you need if you are planning a city break with a lot of walking and visiting. Scott’s men’s vest comes in black, khaki, navy and olive, has 26 pockets, is gadget friendly and features hidden spots that allow you to conceal the cables of your devices. This personal area network, also known as PAN, is extremely useful when you need to carry around batteries, chargers or headphones without mixing them up with your other objects.

One of the greatest advantages of this vest is the fact that it is lightweight, in spite of its man pockets and durable fabric. Also, it is made of breathable materials that make it comfortable even during your strolls in a hot summer day. Another big advantage is the fact that it features RFID technology. Whenever you wear this vest in your trips, you can rest assured that identity thieves will not be able to access your personal information. You can keep your passport, driving license or ID, as well as any other documents in the RFID protected pocket that blocks 13.56 frequencies.

The fabric of this travel vest is Teflon treated. This means that the fabric is treated for repellency, but it still remains breathable and comfortable. A technical vest such as this one makes your trips much more comfortable and stress free. More than that, it can be worn whenever you need to carry a lot of things with you: at work, when walking your dog or taking your family out for a walk.

What’s to like?

  •  It is nicely designed
    It is thin and modern
    It comes in four colours
    It has 26 pockets
    It has a pad holder
    It has a change pocket
    It has a PAN
    It has a sunglass pocket
    It is lightweight
    It is comfortable to wear even when the temperatures are high
    It is water repellent
    It has an RFID pocket

What’s not to like?

  •  It is not entirely waterproof
    It is not unisex


2. SCOTTeVEST Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. Vest

SCOTTeVEST Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. Vest - 42 Pockets

Are you looking for a women’s travel vest that is both comfortable and practical? If you are very much into travel and you also like to stay fashionable, then this is the right vest for you. It gives you a technical look and it helps you stay safe. It is made of a blend of 65% cotton and 35% nylon, resulting in a wrinkle resistant vest. You can fold it in your luggage without the worry that you will have to iron it in order to wear it.

This travel vest is the best choice for professional or amateur photographers who have to carry around a lot of objects, accessories and devices. It has 42 pockets, out of which one is oversized and designed for tablets or iPads. Also, it features a clear touch pocket that allows you to use the phone or other touchscreen devices without taking them out of the vest. Its weight management system was very well-thought by the manufacturer. As a result, you can carry with you a large number of objects and still feel comfortable thanks to this system that is meant to balance the whole weight in your pockets. This way, you will avoid neck and back pain while working or traveling.

This vest features an RFID pocket, a bud pocket, a PAN area, a back pocket, a change pocket, a sunglass pocket and even a water bottle loop. The fabric is Teflon treated, so you will not get wet in case you travel on a rainy day.

What’s to like?

  •  It comes in 10 sizes
    It has 42 pockets
    It is suitable for travel and work
    It has a PAN
    It has a weight management system
    It is water repellent
    It is wrinkle resistant
    It has a tablet pocket
    It has a cleat touch pocket
    It has an RFID pocket
    It has a removable hood that is hidden in a zippered compartment

What’s not to like?

  •  It is not unisex
    The PAN area must be unstitched


3. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Vest

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Vest

This vest from Columbia comes at a much more accessible price that the ones from Scott. They are great for travelling, yet they do not have so many features. If you are looking for a travel vest that is more affordable and basic, then this could be the right product for your needs. The main advantage that this vest has is that it is made of a fabric that has 50 UPF, is vented and uses a moisture transferring technology that helps you stay dry in those hot summer days.

This vest is lightweight, it comes in three colours, Fossil, Gravel and Grill and can be worn with nothing but a T-shirt underneath or with winter clothing. The versatility of this vest makes it practical and useful. It is available in 6 sizes, from extra small to extra-extra-large. It has a number of pockets, out of which pocket with a hook that is useful if you keep a lot of keys with you, a zip-closed security pocket, a mesh pocket bag and zip-closed hand pockets. It also has mesh panels. This vest is made of 57% polyester. It is not waterproof, but it can be worn on windy weather. It does not offer warmth, but it can be worn over warm clothing for practical purposes.

What’s to like?

  •  It is affordable
    It is comfortable to wear
    It comes in 3 colours
    It is available in 6 sizes
    It is water repellent
    It has sun protection
    It has zipped pockets and mesh pockets
    It has moisture transferring technology

What’s not to like?

  •  It does not have a lot of pockets
    It does not have an RFID pocket


4. Weekender Men’s Traveller Air Travel Vest

Weekender Men's Traveler Air Travel Vest

Are you looking for a classic travel vest that is practical and has many pockets? This khaki vest that is available in 6 sizes could be what you are looking for. When buying this vest, you get a 100% nylon product that is lightweight, dries quickly; it is water resistant and stain resistant. It has 6 large front pockets, 2 back pockets and interior pockets. If you like taking a lot of pictures but you don’t enjoy carrying a bag with you while walking and visiting tourist objectives, the large number of pockets in this vest will be of great help.

The vest has a phone pocket, a pocket that is especially designed for a water bottle, a map pocket, a passport pocket, an iPod and an mp3 pocket. Half of the back of this vest is made of mesh. Being so well vented, you will feel comfortable no matter what you are wearing underneath it. It is wrinkle resistant, lightweight and easy to pack. More importantly, it has 50 UPF, so you can stay away from skin burns during the summer. Although this is not a fashionable vest that you can wear in fancy destinations, it is great for mountain destinations, hiking, trekking, for journalists, photographers or people with a very relaxed clothing style.

What’s to like?

  •  It has a good price
    It has a classic design
    It has many pockets
    It is made of Nylon and mesh
    It is well-vented and breathable
    It is comfortable to wear
    It comes in 6 sizes
    It is suitable for large devices
    It has a water bottle pocket
    It has sun protection
    It is lightweight
    It is water and stain resistant
    It dries quickly
    It is unisex

What’s not to like?

  •  It only comes in one colour
    Some of the front pockets are too large


5. H2H Mens Casual Waterproof Multi-Pocket


H2H Mens Casual Waterproof Multi-Pocket If you are a person who travels frequently, likes to go fishing, hiking, hunting, biking or exploring and you need a travel vest but you don’t want to invest too much money, then this could be a good option for you. This is an affordable vest that comes in 32 colours and 6 sizes, with a slim fit design. It has a zipper closure, multiple pockets and a V-neck. Unlike other more expensive vests on the market, this one is waterproof. It is made of a thin fabric, being suitable for warm weather. Also, it has shoulder and back mesh, so you can wear your favourite T-shirt underneath and still feel comfortable.

This travel vest has 8 front pockets of various sizes and a very small key or pod pocket; 3 of them are zipped. There are no pockets in the back or on the inside, so this product is suitable for those who do not want to carry with them so many objects. It does not feature a tablet pocket and it is not sun protected. Hand wash is recommended by the manufacturer, as well as choosing larger sizes than you would normally choose, based on your size.

What’s to like?

  •  It is highly affordable
    It is great for camping and traveling
    It comes in 32 colours
    It is available in 6 sizes
    It has a slim fit design
    It has multiple pockets
    It is thin
    It has shoulder and back mesh
    It is breathable
    It is comfortable to wear

What’s not to like?

  •  It has fewer pockets than other similar vests on the market
    It does not have sun protection
    It does not have RFID protection

Final Thoughts

Traveling could be the best part of life, among other things. Staying safe and comfortable during your travels, though, is essential. Luckily, travel vests are designed exactly for that purpose. Choosing a vest that has a large number of pockets, that is lightweight and can be worn in any situation can prove to be very useful. You get to carry your photo camera with you, you tablet, laptop, keys, chargers, documents and many more. All you have to do is figure out what your needs are and buy the best model, based on our body size.

Travel vests are probably the most useful inventions for those who like to travel. RFID pockets protect you against personal data theft and became possible thanks to infrared technology. As seen in our product list above, there are many impressive features in a travel vest. Analyse the pros and cons of these products and choose the one that is most suitable for your trips.

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