Best Otoscope Reviews of 2018

Our ears are very important for the day by day life, are sensitive, the ones that let us enjoy hearing all that is around us. Having good hear sense means you can listen anything, from people’s voice, the noise of a crowded town, your mother’s call or your children’s cry, you can listen music and a plane landing, a bird singing and a river that flows with no worries. Ears are the ones that keep us in touch with the most important events in our life. That’s why it’s important to keep them healthy and prevent before treating, because the ears are sensitive and can’t support too much infection or perforation without risk of losing the ability of hearing in the same way or not at all.  To avoid this, you should have a periodic visit to your doctor or to go immediately as you feel pain or bruises in your ear. The first step that a doctor does to check your problem is to look closer with an otoscope that has as a purpose finding exactly the place that has an infection, tubes, compacted wax, perforation or anything else that gives pain.

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Welch Allyn 22820 PocketScope Otoscope4.0 / 5$$$Click Here

4th Generation Dr Mom LED POCKET Otoscope and both Adult and Pediatric Disposable Specula Tips4.5 / 5$$Click Here

MacroView Diagnostic Otoscope Set with Rechargeable Handle by Welch Allyn5.0 / 5$$$$Click Here


Dr Mom Otoscopes - Third Generation Slimline Stainless LED Pocket, Silver Grey4.4 / 5$Click Here

An otoscope allows the doctor to look in the ear, through ear canal to ear drum, where most of the problems are. This tool should normally be harmless and it’s safer if someone qualified uses it. For a doctor that has numerous patients to see, it’s important to have a lightweight otoscope that can be kept in pocket, so he’ll reach at it more easily. Another important part is the clarity of the tool. Glass lens are the best, and one that have a protection against scratches. Using an LED working otoscope will give a better brightness to see closer and clear as possible. We present you some of the best otoscopes that will help you in treating quickly any ear problem.


1. Welch Allyn 22820 Pocket Scope Otoscope with “AA” Handle

Welch Allyn 22820 PocketScope Otoscope

Product Description:

This otoscope is a small but also sturdy tool that is very useful anytime due to its brightness, white halogen light and a built- in throat illuminator. It’s a pocket otoscope, so it’s lightweight and it size makes it totally suitable for portability whenever. It has good magnification and light, it’s a durable tool and it has a satisfying battery life. It comes with “AA” batteries, so no worry about charging. It comes with 3x magnification and a specula set. It has an insufflations outlet for those that need to use one. Using this product you can see clear to the tympanic membrane and accurate assess an ear infection or any other problems. Being an affordable and portable otoscope, it’s perfect for medical students and clinical use.

Product Applications:

You could spin off the top to look at the throat, but there is sufficient light to leave the top on for posterior pharynx. It is easy to use even with children that are usually squiring while having an auditory control and it is perfect when you have a patient too far to your wall mounted units or simply use this in your medical visits. It’s not a complicated tool, so it can be used at home too, especially for those who had little kids. It is easy to connect with cleaning parts, so you can do your job safe and clean. The wide angle and rectangular viewing lens allows instrumentation under magnification. The halogen illumination and the fiber optic for cool light permits viewing without reflection or obstruction.


2. 4th Generation Dr Mom LED POCKET Otoscope and both Adult andPediatric Disposable Specula Tips

4th Generation Dr Mom LED POCKET Otoscope and both Adult and Pediatric Disposable Specula Tips


Product Description:

This is a very sturdy and well made otoscope that has the best illumination and clarity, giving a crisp and focused images, it is definitely light and easy enough to carry in your pocket. It has quality glass lens that are resistant at scratches and the 4th Generation model has an insufflations outlet and the ability to use standard disposable specula. The LED is impervious to shock. The nice thing about the LED beside its great brightness it’s that the batteries last long. It works with a single AA battery that makes it look long and skinny. It has magnification: the glass magnifies for an easier examination. It comes with two sized of specula, 5 of the pediatric size and 5 of the adult size. The small ones works fine for young children.

Product Applications:

The lenses are removable for cleaning, but remember that you have to use a forceps or an instrument that can also fit the middle of the otoscope. Its widest diameter it’s 5mm at the small end. It works much better to use the otoscope to look through and then run the instrument into the ear beside the specula or nose cone. There is a bulb installed and it also comes with what a normal eardrum look live versus one that has tubes, compacted wax, perforation or infection. The tool feels good in the hand and fits perfectly in your palm. It comes in a box you can continue to store it in if you don’t want to take it with you, in a pocket and the extra ear speculums are very securely packed into the box in sturdy foam.


3. Macro View Diagnostic Otoscope Set withRechargeable Handle by Welch Allyn

MacroView Diagnostic Otoscope Set with Rechargeable Handle by Welch Allyn

Product Description:

This tool offers 30% more magnification than others otoscopes, comes in a hard case that will surely remind you that is important to keep the best things safe. It has a rechargeable power source that fit all your 3.5v instrument heads. The top portion of the handle unscrews to reveal two prongs that are designed to be plugged into a standard household outlet for overnight recharging. It gives a clear view of the eardrum and the précising of the image will not change. The set includes:  a 3.5v Macro View Otoscope, a Nickel- Cadmium Rechargeable Handle and a hard case. The handle ensures a non- slip surface and is Chrome- plated brass construction for durability and long- case. It can be magnified more for a closer look at the tympanic membrane.

Product Applications:

The rigid case provides secure protection for internal components. This otoscope will give you twice the usual field of view making easier to see the auditory canal and the tympanic membrane. The illumination is very good due to its fiber optic that produces cool light with no obstructions or reflections, being a significant improvement over the traditional otoscope design. The LED lamps use less energy, resulting lower contact temperature and assure more comfort for you to give a correct outcome. The wide- angle lens are placed perfectly to offer more accessibility to the ear drum to see the perforation, infection or other problems that may cause pain to your patients.




Product Description:

This otoscope offers the best view due to its LED illumination and the lens that can get to 5x more magnification and are also scratch resistant, so you can use it better with no worries that it may get blurry. The clarity is noticed even by a person that has no experience using an otoscope, due to its quality lens, providing a great image of what you’re looking. This tool includes a disposable specula adaptor that is specially designed to reduce the risk of ear infections. It works with two standard C batteries that are rechargeable, no charger needed, and it swings aside for easy cleaning and access. The RA Bock otoscope set comes in a leatherette zippered case and it has a 3 year warranty.

Product Applications:

To see exactly as you wish, you can adjust the distance physically by moving closer or farther away. The lens does swing to the side for cleaning, which is helpful. There is a little piece of metal tubing attached to the side that you can attach a hose to, for streaming in a liquid. The on\ off  switch rotates clockwise and you can adjust it to allow more or less light to pass trough.
The viewing lens is hinged so you can move it aside and use the otoscope while removing foreign things from ears if that’s needed. The LED bulb provides a good, bright light and will not get hot after a few minutes of use. It works fine with both adult and pediatric patients. Also, it comes with a case that protects very well the tool, so you have the possibility to carry it wherever you need to go. It’s durable and comfortable, fitting perfectly in the palm of the hand.


5. Dr Mom Otoscopes- Third Generation Slimline Stainless LED Pocket,Silver Gray

Dr Mom Otoscopes - Third Generation Slimline Stainless LED Pocket, Silver Grey

Product Description:

The Dr Mom Stainless otoscope gives the best light due to a LED illumination with halogen that is white and clear. It has quality lens that can be magnified and the ear drum is focused when the instrument is inserted in the ear canal.  It has three reusable specula: infant, child and adult size. The otoscope works with three AAA batteries that live quite a long time, no charger needed. It’s lightweight, so you can carry it in a pocket and it is small enough to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. The box contains: the stainless otoscope, instruction sheets, two batteries, three reusable specula, all in clamshell packaging.

Product Applications:

Pathway can be focused by slightly withdrawing out of the canal. Tips with funnel holes of three different diameter are provided.  The different sized tips are removable. The light shines up from the barrel and hits a mirror which redirects the light into the ear, this way the tool works like a flashlight. It’s better not to over magnify or under magnify to get the best look at the ear drum. It comes with a brochure with pictures to look for to determine if there is an infection, perforation, or the ear drum is healthy. If you are applying its reusable head make sure that you clean it every time in order to avoid introducing bacteria. Before using this otoscope, if is the first time, take patience and soon enough you’ll be able to consider that the ear drum is healthy or not.




Although otoscopes are usually used  by doctors, there are many people that prefer to have one at home so they can check every time their child ears and see if everything all right. This is a good way of learning something about the ear canal and ear drum, and many parents are able to see themselves which is the problem before paying a visit to the doctor. Most common problem is the wax compact that sometimes make a person hard to hear just because it stays in front of the ear drum, making sounds to seem quieter. To check someone’s ear, you must work very careful, because the era is a very sensitive part of the body. Using an otoscope should be harmless and its purpose it’s to show you which is the problem. If you find one, the very next step is to go to the doctor to get a precise outcome and a good and a correct treatment.
For the ones that prefer seeing a doctor, they should go for a check as their doctor recommend. For a doctor that works in a crowded hospital or medical clinic, is very important to have close to him the instruments that he needs, so an otoscope have to be lightweight and to fit in his pocket for an easier accessibility. Even for those that are still students in medical schools, practicing with a good instrument gives them the precise image of what an healthy ear looks and what an unhealthy one should be treated. Choose the best otoscope for the correct outcome. And remember: it’s always easier and better to prevent than to treat.